Counselling sessions with children and youth are designed around:

Supporting the emotional health and psychological growth of young people

Promoting the positive behaviours of young people

Enhancing the constructive thinking patterns and decision making strategies of young people

Because all children and youth are dependent to some degree upon the adults in their lives, counselling sessions with children and youth also involve parents and/or care givers. Immediately prior to or after the session, Anita meets with the parent or care-giver in order to receive an update regarding the child or youth, or to provide feedback and suggestions. In order to respect the confidentiality and the importance of privacy, parental involvement may be minimal with older youth.

All sessions with children are structured around the child or youth’s developmental stage and involve therapeutic games and activities, reading and creating stories, employing art and other expressive therapies and the use of puppets. Sessions with children are generally from half an hour to one hour depending upon the age and attention span of the child or youth.

Counselling can help children and youth deal with the following:

Anger management

Lying and stealing behaviours


Sibling rivalry

Defiant behaviours

Sexually acting out behaviours

Sexual, emotional and physical abuse and neglect

Grief and sadness surrounding loss and death

Parental divorce, separation and conflict

Fears and worries

Generalized anxiety

Poor peer relationships

“We loved the fact that we hit on some embarrassing and hurtful subjects and the atmosphere was still pleasant, calm and soothing, and that we could listen to each other”.

(K. H., Pitt Meadows)