Being the victim of a serious crime is traumatizing. Sudden death, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, assault, kidnapping, homicides or suicides are all tragedies that unfortunately can happen to anyone. In addition to fear, rage, isolation and confusion, victims and their families may experience intense mental and physical distress – lack of sleep, nightmares, anxiety, and intrusive memories. The body, mind, heart and soul needs to heal.

Counselling offers victims immediate emotional support and practical assistance. By engaging in therapy, victims of crime can reclaim their lives and themselves and can move forwards once again with their life.

Funding for this counselling can be provided by the BC Crime Victim Assistance Program. Victims can apply through their crime victim assistance volunteer, or can download the application and apply themselves. Anita is also available to assist individuals in completing the application form.

“After seeing Anita, I feel empowered and feel I now have a basis for change and a solid direction in which to proceed.”
(N. L. Coquitlam)