As a consumer of therapeutic services, clients have certain rights that they are entitled to.

Clients have the right to:

Ask questions at any time about what is happening during therapy and to refuse anything that may be suggested.

Be listened to and acknowledged in a respectful and non-judgmental manner.

Be informed of the limits of confidentiality in the therapeutic setting.


With the exceptions of the limits listed below, all therapeutic conversations will be kept absolutely confidential. Information shared in therapy cannot be divulged to anyone without clients’ written permission.

Limits of Confidentiality

Any threats to physically harm other people are taken seriously. If Anita believes that clients are able to carry out these threats, then she is legally obligated to inform the police and the intended victim if she knows who that person is.

Information shared about ongoing physical or sexual abuse of a child or vulnerable adult will be reported to the Ministry for Child and Family Development or local police.

Threats of suicide or self harm are taken seriously. After a thorough assessment, if Anita believes that clients are high risk for suicide, she will inform the police, the local mental health team, and/or a close family member.

If there is a court order to produce client records, Anita is obligated to comply.

A cornerstone of couples’ therapy is open and honest communication between the two individuals. Any information communicated in simultaneous individual sessions will be kept private from the other partner, although Anita will strongly encourage the couple to talk about those issues that are pertinent to the success of the couples’ therapy.

On occasion, Anita consults with colleagues or receives clinical supervision around her work. At no time though, will clients’ names or any identifiable information be used during the consultation.


Clients are encouraged to speak directly with Anita about any concerns or problems that they may be experiencing in therapy. If clients though, feel that Anita has responded in any way that is unethical, they may lodge a complaint with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors at 1-800-909-6303.

Financial Arrangements

The fee for Anita’s therapeutic services is $130.00 for a one hour session ($116.07 + 13.93 HST). Some couple or family sessions are one and a half hours and the fee is $195.00 (174.10 + 20.90 HST). Any reduction in this amount must be discussed with Anita prior to beginning therapy. Some limited subsidies are available to clients in financial need.


24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. Except in extreme circumstances, clients who fail to arrive for their session or who cancel their session with less than 24 hours notice, will be charged for the session.