All relationships have their ups and downs, and progress and grow through a number of developmental stages. From courtship – to making a formal commitment – to establishing careers – to raising a family – to the retirement and “senior” years, every stage offers opportunities to grow in intimacy and to flourish as individuals, but also creates challenges and problems that can lead to distance and disconnect.

Couples’ counselling helps couples maintain their commitment to each other, to grow both individually and as a team, and to develop concrete and effective communication and relationship skills.

Sessions with couples are generally from one hour to one and a half hours in duration.

Counselling can help a couple to resolve the following:

Sexual issues

Communication concerns

Trust issues

Sharing of household roles and duties

Emotional neediness and attachment differences

Lack of motivation or interest

Blended family issues

Different parenting styles

Controlling and manipulative behaviours

Problems with “in-laws” and other extended family

Money issues


Power struggles

“It was useful to learn about and practice conflict resolution skills. My husband and I are watching how we interact with each other and are using more ‘I feel’ statements, instead of using ‘you’ statements. We also both enjoy reading your handouts”.
(S. P., Coquitlam)