Making the decision to seek the help of a therapist can be the first step in creating personal and meaningful change. It sometimes is a decision made from a place of fear, hurt and loss, but the experience of participating in counselling should be life affirming, motivating and supportive.

Anita provides a safe and comfortable environment, where clients can relax and explore their personal issues at their pace. She listens attentively, provides helpful feedback and suggestions and accepts and supports each client unconditionally.

Each session is designed and structured around each client’s specific goals and needs, and are generally one hour in duration.

Counselling can help individuals deal with the following:

Symptoms of Depression or Anxiety

Unmanageable feelings such as anger or grief

Addictive Behaviours

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Stressful life situations

Physical, emotional and sexual abuse, either current or historical

Low self-esteem or lack of confidence

Disordered Eating Patterns

Problems with the law

“Thank you Anita. You are very good at giving and receiving with an open spirit. You helped me to identify an area for growth, and helped me find the strength to face it. You have also made me more aware of who I am, and what it is I like/love.”
(L. D, Port Moody)